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Posted by on Nov 15, 2016 in Blog |

Retailers Benefit from Mod Stores Built Using Prefab Construction

Retailers Benefit from Mod Stores Built Using Prefab Construction

Retailers seek efficiency and certainty when structuring their plans for expansion. Dialing in target demographics, traffic counts, daytime population and surrounding tenant mix are the key performance metrics used in developing a strong retail growth model and predicting the potential of a new store location before it is even open. In addition, retailers have, over time, begun to decrease their store size and are designing more efficient footprints that cater to the habits and trends of their consumers.

Through the process of eliminating wasted space and trimming up costs, finding a better method of project delivery and construction is becoming more necessary. Retailers are now looking to prefab construction as a way of increasing their certainty in costs, construction completion timelines and branding. Prefab construction is a method of building a structure off-site in a climate-controlled facility and delivering a finished product to a development site where the boxes are set in place in half the time typically required for traditional building methods.

So what’s a ModStore?     ModStores are turnkey modular retail buildings designed to meet the required building specifications of a retail user, transported and set on a development site and delivered operational ready to the end user. The ModStores are relocatable and are flexible to accommodate different site locations and they are easily scalable by way of repeat process.

Coining the phrase “ModStore”, ONETEN REI has become a leader in retail build-to-suit projects with a focus in modular construction. A 45-year operating history as a modular manufacturer and developer in Scranton, PA has allowed ONETEN REI and affiliate firm Simplex Industries, Inc. to provide a very focused expertise in an already niche retail development market.

Prefab construction is not new to this industry. Burger chains Checker’s and Rally’s have used modular buildings since their inception and have proven the model utterly successful, refusing to build any other way. Most recently companies like Starbucks, Burger King, The Human Bean and others have seen the value and flexibility that modular construction is now bringing to the industry.

Modular design and customization has changed drastically over the past couple of decades and its’ use is becoming more and more popular not just in retail but also, large scale apartment projects, hotels, campus housing and senior assisted living centers.

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